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Yes, talking therapy is still possible during Lockdown

Updated: Jun 9

Are you thinking that counselling would really help you right now but concerned that therapy would be difficult to find in the current climate? Well, take a moment to think again.

Although counselling is customarily face-to-face, with the client and therapist seated opposite one another in an ambient room, there are other ways to 'do' counselling.

In light of the government directive to 'socially distance' during the pandemic, many therapists have suspended face-to-face appointments. Some therapists and their clients have chosen to take 'a break' from therapy for the time being. But what if the idea of waiting feels too difficult or risky?

The aim of the counsellor is to offer therapy that suits you

If you are new to considering counselling, you may find it helpful to know that many counsellors include telephone and/or

e-counselling (which can range from video counselling to email and text counselling) in their practice.

Currently, many counsellors with a preference for face-to-face therapy are switching to telephone and e-counselling to meet client needs during this very difficult time.

So, if you're looking for a talking therapy during Lockdown, know that there is help out

there that you can access whilst 'staying at home'. Your next step is to begin searching for it. For more information to help you on your way, you could take a look at the rest of my blog.