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When good things come to an end and a new beginning feels daunting

Welcome to blog 12 of 2022. With each blog, we've focused on a topical theme of counselling therapy, to help you in your search for therapy or consider becoming a therapist.

As we approach the close of the year, it's inevitable that our minds turn to thinking about endings and new beginnings. Endings can be tricky.

With sad or negative endings, we anticipate difficulty, and during such times, we hope to receive some level of support or, at least, some sympathy from others. But what of other endings? A phase of life, right of passage, close of the year?

During periods of transition, whether positive or negative, we may experience mixed feelings.

During periods of transition, whether positive or negative, we may experience mixed feelings: sadness because a good thing or familiar routine is coming to an end; excitement, nervousness or we may feel daunted by the prospect of beginning something new. We may feel eager for or resigned to the next inevitable stage of life.

Such feelings are natural but, at times, they may become overwhelming. However, there are ways to manage such feelings, to avoid being swamped by them.

If you are experiencing difficulty coping with change, you could try to:

  • accept that it's okay to feel a sense of loss.

  • give yourself time to adjust to the idea of change.

  • share your feelings with trusted others.

  • remind yourself that you can revel in the positive memories.

  • look ahead to new beginnings or the possibility of something new.

If, however, after trying the above, you find yourself continuing to struggle

to adjust, it may be worth considering seeing a professional counsellor. Counsellors are experienced in assisting people to navigate change.

A counsellor can help you to:

  • express and understand your feelings

  • offer tools to help you adjust through periods of transition

  • support you in working towards accepting that life has altered

  • focus on new goals and preparing for change.

Ring the changes...

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