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Lockdown: don't suffer in silence

Updated: Mar 3, 2021

As Lockdown continues to morph through its various stages, many of us are confused by the government's changing guidelines. Some of us find ourselves struggling to adapt to the rate of change. Media discussion around what is law and what is rumour is raising anxiety during what is already a tumultuous time.

The temptation to shield ourselves from the media onslaught is understandable. Indeed, it is perhaps advisable to be mindful of our media intake, to avoid being overwhelmed. At the same time, it is seems vital that we remain aware of the steps we must take to reduce the risk of contracting and/or transmitting Covid-19.

We have all had to adapt our daily routines.

Whilst we all have to deal with Lockdown, it's important to realise that we each have our own responses to it and our own ways of coping with the feelings that it evokes. We have all had to adapt our daily routines in order to work, exercise and socialise safely and, after many weeks, some of us are struggling to get through our days.

Counselling may help to address anxiety so that you are more able to navigate your way through this.

If you are finding Lockdown a challenge and you feel in need of support, it's okay to seek help. If you feel that you would benefit from professional support, there is help available during Lockdown. Many private practitioners and well-being services have expanded the offer of online counselling support whilst face-to-face services remain reduced or suspended.

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