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How much does talking therapy cost?

Updated: Mar 3, 2021

If you have been thinking about starting talking therapy, you may be wondering how you can achieve this in the current climate.

Due to COVID-19 many of us have had to change the way we work and this applies to therapists who have suspended face-to-face work in line with the current guidance.

Please be assured that support is still out there. Many talking therapists offer telephone or online counselling, which may involve messaging, email or video communication. Some practitioners are offering telephone and/or online counselling as an alternative to a suspended face-to-face service.

Fees will vary

Funded counselling services charge

between £10 and £45, based on ability to pay.

Private practitioners' fees vary between

£30 and £100, or more, depending on location. Some practitioners also operate a sliding scale or offer concessionary rates. Sometimes, a lower fee is charged for telephone/online counselling. Hope this helps.



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