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Hello and welcome to marypascallcounselling

Updated: Mar 3, 2021

Thank you for visiting my site and taking a look at my blog. This space is for sharing information about talking therapy, which I hope will be useful to you, If you're thinking about talking therapy and have a few questions, perhaps you'll find some answers here.

The big questions appear to be:

Does talking therapy work?
If so, how?
How do I find a good therapist?
How much does it cost?

Over the coming days, I'm going to try to answer all of the above.

But first, I think it's important to ask:

What is talking therapy?

Some of you might think this is self-explanatory. Well, yes, if you put it simply and say, it's when you talk through personal difficulties during a timed session with a therapist to bring about a positive change.

From my experience, there's a little more to it. Talking therapy usually refers to counselling and psychotherapy. The two terms can be interchangeable. However, counselling is sometimes viewed as a short-term talking therapy, whilst psychotherapy is often applied to longer-term work for deeper emotional issues.

Under the umbrella of talking therapy there are many modalities or approaches.

Under the umbrella of talking therapy there are many modalities or approaches. A counsellor or psychotherapist may choose to work with one approach or draw from several different approaches to deliver a style of talking therapy which, ideally, can be tailored to suit a client's needs. Over time names have been given to some of the styles used, but more on this later...



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