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Considering counselling?

Updated: Mar 3, 2021

Are you wanting to see a counsellor and wondering how many sessions you will need? Will you be able to fit counselling into your schedule? Perhaps you're concerned that you will have to commit to a block of sessions. What if you have to pay for these in advance or to pay for absences? What if you're not sure that this is affordable for you right now?


These are all valid concerns, but they needn't deter you from seeking counselling help.

On making your initial enquiry, don't shy away from explaining your requirements. You can decide whether or not the counsellor's approach is right for you. And shop around - there's no need to settle for the first counsellor you find in your search.


Many counsellors offer a free or reduced-fee consultation, or first session. Short-term therapy as well as open-ended may be available and not all counsellors expect you to commit to a block of sessions. Appointments are usually weekly, but fortnightly sessions may be available, where appropriate. So, if this is your preference, make it known.


Money can be difficult to talk about, but if cost is a consideration, it's worth explaining your position from the start. If you're worrying about affording sessions once counselling begins this may affect your therapy. Remember: counsellors are used to discussing these issues and most will have a counselling agreement which will outline these matters for you.

So go ahead and take the first step to better emotional health - contact a counsellor. Remember, you can ask your GP about counselling and there are charities offering free or low-cost support. See the following link for more information:

Please note: Mary Pascall Counselling offers short-term and open-ended counselling and psychotherapy. For urgent help with mental health, see the following link:



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