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Space to explore - for helping professionals, training organisations and institutions

Creative Practice offers an innovative space for

helping professionals and organisations wishing to explore racial diversity in the context of their work.

This space is experiential, creative and expressive - stimulating awareness and encouraging sensitivity through word, mark-making, movement and sound. Participants are invited to consider their responses to cultural and racial differences, and the impact of these responses on mental health and well being. Facilitated by me, Mary Pascall, a qualified counsellor with experience in working with race in a therapeutic setting. I also have a background in education, journalism, art and design. 

  • Small  groups (4-10)  from 1 to 2 hours. 

  • 'In-house' larger groups for training organisations and institutions from 2-3 hours (co-facilitated).

Bookings/enquiries: or call o7753536146.

Facilitative spaces offered online until further notice

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Race in the workplace

Are you a business, charitable organisation or training institution looking to address race in the workplace? Mary Pascall is a counsellor and facilitator offering practical and therapeutic support to increase awareness and encourage open dialogue, to improve staff relations, well being and productivity.

For enquiries, email  or call o7753536146.

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