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Living with uncertainty

Updated: Apr 20

Hello and welcome once again.

We all have to live with a degree of uncertainty and, at times, the process of waiting for an outcome or resolution can feel unbearable. But some of us really struggle with 'not knowing', even for short periods of time. We may find it hard to recover from a sudden turn of events or feel uncomfortable if we are required to change our routine. This is anxiety.

Anxiety is a sense of unease, tension, feeling out of control or overwhelmed

It can affect your emotional and physical well-being, causing loss of concentration, mood swings, a change in energy,

your sleep or libido. Physical symptoms such as headaches, dry mouth, sweats, increased pulse, shortness of breath, trembling, stomach and skin problems are common. Both feelings and symptoms of anxiety can develop quickly, making it a frightening experience - a panic attack.

Due to the current situation with COVID-19, feelings of anxiety may be heightened.

We are all required to make considerable adjustments to the way we live, we are concerned for our health; home life, work and leisure are restricted. Many have financial concerns; those already challenged are facing further hardship.

It is possible to find help for anxiety. Talking things through with a therapist can help you understand what triggers anxiety for you and help you consider how best to manage it.

During the current situation with COVID-19, talking therapies are being offered online and by telephone. For information on how to find a therapist, scroll down and take a look at 'How do I find a good therapist?'

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